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Genomic Innovation applied to Clinical Care of Adults and Children

The Human Genome Project has resulted in a virtual explosion of new research linking DNA to human health and disease. Rapid sequence analysis offers a comprehensive view of the entire genome sequence or specific genes of interest by providing immediate access to the complex interplay between individual mutations. At the same time, costs of genetic testing continue to come down dramatically. This makes genomic medicine more effective enabling holistic analysis of a person or family’s genetic signature and now available to a wider population.

These breakthroughs enable our understanding of how a person’s unique molecular and genetic profile makes them susceptible to certain diseases. We are able to predict which medical treatments will be safe and effective for each patient, and which ones will be less so. This results in increased efficacy of treatments, both medications and nutritional recommendations, enabling Personalized Medical care.

Nutrigenomics increases our understanding of how nutrition influences metabolic pathways and homeostatic control, how this regulation is disturbed in the early phases of diet-related disease, and the extent to which individual sensitizing genotypes contribute to such diseases. It enables prescription of Precision Nutrition based on an individual’s specific nutrient-related interactions at the gene, protein and metabolic levels. This could delay diet onset diseases, complement any preventive medications, and help tailor nutrition supplements to maximize quality of life.

Preconception and Prenatal Genomics involves testing and counseling to enable parents to make informed decisions on a planned pregnancy based on genetic predisposition of the parents.

Personalized Care combined with Precision Nutrition provide for more targeted prescriptions of both medications and nutrition tailored keep people healthy according to their individual genomic structure, and combined with its potential for superior efficacy, has encouraged many insurance carriers to cover genomics based clinical care.

If you have a disorder that has not responded adequately to treatments thus far, or are concerned about potential complications based on family history, genomic medicine may be worth considering.  Please discuss with your physician for a referral, or contact our clinic for more information.